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Nicholaus Rohleder

Managing Director

EnergyLink Decarbonization Solutions

387 Corona St. #633, Denver, Colorado 80218


Background, experience and contribution

Nicholaus Rohleder serves as Co-Chief Investment Officer of EnergyLink Decarbonization Solutions. In addition to being a founding member of ELDS, Mr. Rohleder is a Co-Founder and Co-Managing Partner of Climate Commodities International. 

He holds board positions at the following companies under the title Independent Director: $230 million climate technology focused special purpose acquisition company, Clean Earth Acquisitions Corp (NASDAQ: CLIN), waste remediation technology provider, Renovare Environmental (NASDAQ: RENO); solar + storage energy service company, EnergyLink; and climate technology investment bank, Ardour Capital. 

Outside of his professional commitments, Mr. Rohleder serves as an adjunct professor at the Earth Institute and the Climate School at Columbia University teaching the course on life cycle analysis and materials science. Mr. Rohleder is also an alumni board member at the Earth Institute at Columbia University, a production team member for the Energy Policy Now Podcast at the University of Pennsylvania’s Kleinman Center for Energy Policy, and board member of the regional Forbes 30 Under 30 for Texas. In addition, Mr. Rholeder serves as a member of the Energy Technology Leadership Council at Tulsa Innovation Labs, an economic development initiative funded by the $4 billion dollar George Kaiser Family Foundation.

Company resume

ELDS at a glance

Extensive C&I Portfolio

Managing the development of renewable commercial and industrial projects across multiple verticals

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Energy management and RE experience

ELDS management possesses a wealth of experience in both energy management and real estate, with deep understanding of both.

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Multiple project ownership structures

ELDS and EnergyLink have funded renewable ventures with PPAs, SSAs, ESAs, and more.

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Frontline experience

ELDS has inherited extensive construction management experience from EnergyLink, providing unmatched industry insights.

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